Our Products

Saving Energy

We install energy saving devices such as LED lighting, Boiler controls and Home Automation systems. We can also provide Energy surveys and recommend ways in which your home or company can save and manage your energy consumption better.

Solaredge Inverters

Solaredge inverters and power optimisers offer a substantial increase in power generation over string inverters. Each Solar panel is fitted with a power optimiser which enables the maximum power to be generated from each panel individually. Solar panels can be installed on any orientation of roof and be connected to a single inverter. All of the system information system will be available to view in the online monitoring portal.


Tesla Powerwall

The Tesla Powerwall offers our customers the opportunity to add the storage of electricity to a new or existing Solar PV system. The Tesla Powerwall can be added to an existing SolarEdge System or can be added as an AC coupled variation to work along side other manufacturers Inverters. All of the data from your Tesla Powerwall system will be available to view in the online monitoring portal.

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Solar Panels

We install Solar panels manufactured by market leading company’s such as LG Electronics, Solarworld and Phono Solar. We have mounting system solutions that allow us to install panels on virtually any roof and we can also install ground mount systems.

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Hot Water Heating

Manging and using the electricity you produce from Your Solar PV system can have a large impact on your energy bills. If you have an immersion tank within your house where hot water is heated and stored you can use the electricity that would normally be exported into the grid to heat your hot water using an Immersun or Solar I Boost device. These dvices help to reduce your electricity bill and if you normally heat your water using gas, this could reduce your gas bill too.

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